Murder is on the menu...

Enemies Closer

When head chef and restaurant owner, Maddy Gardner, vanishes without a trace, her sister, Clara, races from Boston to Seattle to find her.

Frightened and frustrated, Clara is not content to let the Seattle Police Department handle the investigation. Asking dangerous questions of everyone in her sister’s life, she stirs the pot of potential suspects, but with each new line of inquiry, the answers seem more elusive.

During her desperate search, she finds a trusted companion in her sister’s handsome friend, Ben Radcliffe, and develops a cautious alliance with Missing Persons Detectives, Judy Carlisle and Jerome Kincaid.

Then a brutal murder in the Seattle restaurant community sends shockwaves through the investigation and hopes of finding Maddy alive diminish, but even as she fears the worst, Clara is more determined than ever to bring her sister home. With no shortage of suspects, the clock is ticking on the investigation and everyone is asking, “Where is Maddy Gardner?”